What are the major health issues for men?

major health issues for men

Men have shorter life expectancies than women and are less likely to visit the doctor, which contributes to lower health standards and more deaths from preventable conditions. Taking an active role in your own health is the best way to live longer, happier and healthier. A few simple changes to your diet and lifestyle can help you avoid major health issues that affect only men, such as heart disease, diabetes and prostate problems.

A common men’s health problem is prostate disease, which is when the prostate gland grows too large or cancerous. It’s a slow-growing cancer and often goes unnoticed until it causes symptoms, such as urinating more frequently, having trouble urinating or burning when urinating. There are a number of treatment options for prostate diseases including hormone therapy, surgery and medications. Prostate specific antigen (PSA) tests are a way to screen for prostate disease.

Another common men’s health issue is erectile dysfunction (ED), which can affect your confidence and relationship. It is usually the result of an underlying medical condition, but can be caused by lifestyle factors like smoking or drinking too much alcohol. If you experience a sudden drop in sexual desire, talk to your doctor immediately.

What are the major health issues for men?

More men die of heart disease than any other cause, and it can be prevented with healthy habits like eating a nutritious diet, exercising regularly, quitting smoking and limiting the amount of alcohol you drink. Visiting your doctor regularly for health screenings can also help you get early diagnosis and treatment of any conditions that may be present, such as high blood pressure or cholesterol.

Mental health is also a major concern for men. Compared to women, men are more likely to be depressed and suffer from other mental health conditions such as anxiety. Depression can have a serious impact on daily functioning and may lead to suicidal thoughts or attempts. Getting professional help and making lifestyle changes, such as exercise, journaling and getting enough sleep, can help manage depression symptoms.

Male infertility is a growing concern for many couples. In fact, about 40-50% of infertility issues are due to problems with the male reproductive system. These can include low sperm count, a swollen or painful penis or an enlarged prostate. There are also a number of treatments for male infertility, including hormone therapy and surgery.

Testosterone levels are also a men’s health issue that can have negative effects on their quality of life. Too little testosterone can cause fatigue, loss of muscle mass and decreased libido. If you are experiencing symptoms of low testosterone, talk to your doctor for a blood test to determine if your levels are too low.

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