What Brand Wheels Does BMW Use?

Brand Wheels Does BMW Use

The BMW factory wheels that your car comes with are beautiful. Whether they’re black or chrome, their sleek design complements the rest of your vehicle. But if you want to make your BMW really stand out and look its best, nothing changes it more than a set of new wheels. Here at ModBargains, we’ve got a wide variety of BMW wheel styles, colors and sizes to choose from. Whether you’re looking to improve your performance on the track or just give it that perfect stance, we’ve got a wheel for every BMW owner.

Most car manufacturers don’t produce their own wheels and rims, instead subcontracting them to outside manufacturers to act as OEM suppliers. This saves the car brand money and time, as it would be difficult to manufacture wheels on a massive scale in-house. BMW is no different, with them using a number of wheel manufacturers around the world.

One of the most important things to remember when shopping for BMW rims is that the wheel size (diameter across where the tire sits) is not the same as the bolt pattern. A BMW’s bolt pattern is the amount of holes in a circle that the wheel must have to be secured to the car’s suspension hub. BMW alloy wheels are normally found with a 5/120 bolt pattern. A BMW wheel’s diameter is the other measurement that you need to consider when buying a replacement. Choosing the wrong size can result in vibrations, hardware failures and dangerous instability.

A BMW’s tires are designed to accentuate the vehicle’s performance and handling characteristics, as well as provide excellent road-holding and grip. They also have noise-dampening capabilities, with a layer of foam on the inner surface of the tyre that reduces vibrations within the wheel cavity, which are then absorbed by the inner tyre material.

What Brand Wheels Does BMW Use?

When it comes to traction, BMW uses special compounds that ensure the tires remain stickier in lower temperatures than normal, for maximum road holding on snow, slush and ice. The tread pattern on these BMW winter tires also opens up when the wheel is in motion, providing extra gripping edges for high-speed cornering and stability.

All BMW tires are designed to be low rolling resistance, reducing friction between the road and the tire for better fuel economy. Forged aluminium wheels are also used for lighter weight, resulting in improved acceleration and top speed.

Despite the great gripping abilities of these BMW tire wheels, they are also able to handle the stresses and strains of everyday driving. They are made of high-quality materials and have been engineered to be durable, allowing them to withstand frequent and severe use without compromising safety or handling.

If you’re looking to upgrade your BMW with the very best in tyre and wheel technology, you can’t go wrong with Forgeline. As America’s premier custom forged wheel manufacturer, Forgeline has a variety of BMW wheel designs and finishes that you can choose from. You can even build your own wheel using their configurator, which allows you to customize the width, offset and other parameters of your BMW rims.