9 reasons to use a podcast for content marketing

Creating useful content for your audience is your number one job when it comes to creating your content marketing strategy.

An easy way to create more content is to start a podcast. Podcasts are useful because they give your audience a new way to connect with and get to know you. Plus, you can establish yourself as an industry leader, making content production useful for you and your audience. That is win-win.

1. Connect with your audience on a new level

When you host a podcast, you’ll connect with your audience differently than if you just had a text-based blog. You can speak to them more directly and show your personality better, and you can connect with them longer and wherever they are.

2. Your audience can listen on the go

A really amazing feature of podcasts is that your audience can listen to your podcast from anywhere, anytime. They could listen while running, cleaning the house, driving the car, or anywhere else. You can be with them regularly as they go about their lives.

3. You can share longer content with your audience

When your audience reads a blog post, they won’t stick around most of the time if the post is too long. But when you have a podcast, they’ll be listening to useful information much longer than they’ll be reading. You can easily have an hour long podcast. You can provide a lot of information in an hour.

4. Interview Movers and Shakers

Industry leaders like to be interviewed on podcasts. If you have a podcast with a suitable niche, you can invite them to be interviewed on your show. When you meet and connect with leaders like this, you begin to be seen as a leader. Some people call it the “Oprah Effect.”

5. Get invited to more speaking events

As you keep your podcast on a good schedule, providing entertainment, information, engagement, and useful insights to your audience while connecting with industry leaders, you’ll notice that you’ll eventually start receiving invitations to speak at events and on other podcasts. This will make your audience bigger and faster.

6. A great way to repurpose content

If you’re out of content ideas, a podcast will end all of that. As you create even one podcast, it will become fodder for blog posts, e-courses, and other content if you reuse it. Plus, you can reuse content you already have for your podcast.

7. Stand out from your competitors

There are many more blogs than podcasts. Chances are there aren’t that many who have blogs and podcasts. This will make you stand out from your competition and help you jump ahead.

8. You will give your business a voice

You’ve probably heard that you need to find your “business voice,” but sometimes that can be harder than you think. But if you have a podcast, his personality on the podcast will become the voice of your company.

9. It’s easy to get started (and cheap)

Nowadays, starting a super professional sounding podcast doesn’t require a lot of money. Most of the technology is probably already on your mobile phone. But, the best thing to do is start and build from there when you feel like you need more.