How I CONTINUED to lose 10lbs a week EVEN after 4 weeks!

When I started my weight loss journey, I was so happy to see 10 pounds fly off in the FIRST WEEK. After 4 weeks on my weight loss program, I was stuck at a staggering 1 pound loss! Most of you may share the same experience as me, which is what we call a “PLATEAU”. This is what holds us back, and for some people, this could be the breaking point of wanting to throw in the towel. But I managed to keep pushing and found some SECRET techniques to break a plateau! Here are 3 of them:

Step #1 Eat more HEALTHY calories than average

During my first 4 weeks on the diet, I ate about 2 full meals and 3 snacks a day. This has helped me tremendously in the first month as I have lost about 25lbs! But when I started to plateau, I decided to change my diet to see if it worked. I went from 2 meals and 3 snacks to 3 full meals and 2 small snacks. And voila! It started my BURNED ENGINES again. The trick here is to create a differentiation in calorie intake, either MORE or LESS.

Step #2 If you’re not exercising, START NOW

That’s where I was when I decided to start dieting. I thought that the simple act of going on a diet would lead me to achieve my goals. And I know it will, but in a very SLOW way. I didn’t realize that just by dieting I was losing muscle mass on my body. Muscles that were there to help me burn more calories broke down due to my low calorie intake last time. TIP: A lean body mass burns 5 times more calories than a fat body mass! Start LIFT SOME WEIGHTS and you’ll be amazed at the effects!

Step #3 If you’re already working out, it’s time to switch gears!

When I was 8 weeks into my weight loss program, I had been lifting weights for the last 4 weeks. Once again, just like with the diet, suddenly my results stopped. So I started using the same strategy that I used for my diet, which was to modify my training sessions into something different. In the past, I spent more time doing cardio than lifting weights (just because I’m lazy). I decided to CHANGE MY ROUTINES to lift more weights and next thing I knew the scale was working once again.

Now listen carefully…