Sales copy formula for websites

Sales copy formula for websites
Would you believe that all the great websites that sell products or services follow a formula? They all use the tried and tested acronym AIDA. This stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.

Grab people’s attention with a catchy headline or product title.

You will see. You have to prevent the reader from simply scanning the content on their tracks, with a main title with subtitles that attract the attention of curiosity.

Examples of headlines are:
Find out why…. Who else wants…. How…, etc. For sales copy, it’s a good idea to test your copy using different headlines and subheads. A subhead is a line of copy that has the following importance for your sales letter or advertisement. They expand on what the headline and xxxx are about. Subtitles have a smaller font size and different colored text.

You can have up to 5 captions and this is known as stacking the deck. Another thing that can be added is a previous title. This is a line of copy that goes over the headline in a smaller font size and different colored text. This copy is like an introduction to your bold statement headline. Example: Warning: Don’t Read This Unless You’re ……..

Implementing this in your sales copy can be very effective. If you can, use the person’s name. An alternative is to address the letter to Dear Friend: or Dear Fishing Fan: as an example.

Opening paragraph:
The first paragraph is an important element. This is where the transition takes place by linking the attention-grabbing headline to the body of the copy. Follow along with 3 more paragraphs describing the solutions you are offering.

Another important item for your copy. These can be based on personal experiences related to the product, a celebrity who has used the product, or a customer who is known to be using the product. For the example of a customer using the product, this can be built around a case study. You can create an engaging problem-solving story from the customer’s successful experience using the product.

bullet points:
Hear that you will develop readers’ interests by describing what your service or product does. Take a list of all the benefits of your offer and create bullet points around them. Vignettes can come in other forms, such as feature vignettes, curiosity vignettes, self-interest vignettes, and giveaway vignettes.

This is where other customers who have used your product and speak highly of it give a glowing recommendation. Testimonials can be in text or video form.

Create an irresistible offer:
This is where it gives bonuses, limited availability on value, and also offers deep discounts.

Offer a compelling extended money-back guarantee with no questions asked and no hassles.

Call to action:
Now is the time to tell and explain to the potential buyer the procedure to follow to buy and receive your product/service.

The PS:
This is where you remind them of your irresistible offer, great guarantee by thanking them for making a wise decision. You can also put another call to action here.