Spiritual healing for insomnia

What is insomnia?

Are you fighting insomnia every night? Insomnia is defined as habitual insomnia and the inability to sleep. If you’ve ever had this condition, you know how difficult it is to find rest at night and it leaves you feeling constantly tired and drained. Insomnia affects your ability to function at your best during the day, while each night it becomes another battle to get a good night’s sleep.

Insomnia has a mission

From a spiritual point of view, insomnia has a mission. The Bible tells us that the Lord will not allow us to ignore or lack information about Satan’s plans. Insomnia is a tool used by the enemy to drain you physically and spiritually. The enemy knows that if he can physically tire you by robbing you of sleep, then he can distract your mind with confusion, lies, and temptations.

The root of insomnia

Many emotions associated with insomnia are confusion, anger, anxiety, irritability, and a short temper. This spirit comes at night to wear you down and wear you out. Your task is to exhaust you with the stress, anxiety, and worries of this world. Satan’s goal is to keep you tired and dysfunctional so that you are more vulnerable to his attacks.

This is a real problem for many of God’s people and I am seeing a dramatic increase in this tactic. God’s Word tells us in 1 Peter 5: 7 to put all our care in the Lord because He cares about us. Begin to identify those things in your life that are causing you stress, worry, and concern, and turn your care to the Lord. He will take them for you because he cares about you.

Before going to sleep each night, pray these scriptures about your life, your children or whoever is suffering this demonic attack from the enemy.

Get rid of insomnia:

Understanding that insomnia is a spirit working against you gives you the knowledge and understanding you need to get rid of it. I know that many will say that it is a medical condition and that they want some kind of medicine to cure it. I mean, isn’t that what we always seek to cure or cure our ailments?

Some forms of treatment and their side effects for insomnia include:


It causes drowsiness, calm and numbness of the senses. While some types of sedatives can become addictive.


It is used to prevent or relieve depression and improve mood.

Many of these common medications are used only to “mask” or cover up the underlying problem. We must begin to address the root cause of a person’s insomnia problem. When we begin to locate the root and begin to heal from the inside out, then we can effectively deal with the symptoms or external signs of insomnia.

God’s Word tells us that God is our healer and it is His desire that His children lie down each night in peace and sleep. You can use the following scriptures and recite them each night before you go to sleep. If you are consistent in reading them and turning your concerns over to God, He will give you a sweet sleep every night.

Psalm 4: 8.

In peace I will lie down and sleep, because only You, Lord, make me dwell in security and trust.

Psalm 127: 2

It is useless for me to get up early and stay up late, eating the bread of hard work because God loves me and makes those He loves sleepy.

Proverbs 3:24

When I lie down, I will not be afraid; yeah I’ll lay down and my sleep will be sweet.

Psalm 121: 4

Behold, he who keeps me will neither briefly slumber nor sleep soundly.